Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Evening Purse

               The day I had this beautiful button, I wanted to make a casual purse with lots of space for everything. Carrying a own handmade purse always adds some extra happiness. And I made this Evening Purse. Perfect companion for a evening stroll, shopping and all.  And I choose this gorgeous red. Crocheting the purse is more easy then writing the pattern. And I enjoyed both. 

                   Pattern is very easy, one can make it within few hours. I used a simple stitch for body. Base pattern is slight different which gives a nice shape to bag.

  Skill Level - Advanced Beginner
  Measurement - Height - 6.6"
                             Width - 10"

  Gauge -        6dc, 2 rows makes 2" square
  Material –
                     Knitting cotton any color of your choice – 315 to 320 m(1.75 of 50gm ball)
                     Hook – 3.5 mm
                     Bag accessories - Button, chain strap of your choice
                     Tapestry needle
 Abbreviation - used US terminology
Special stitches  - fpdc (front post double crochet)
                                  get how to here

                            Reverse sc-
                                             Ch 1, working from left to right, skip first st, insert hook from front to back in next st to the right ,yarn over, pull loop through st (a),yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook(b) .
                                                         Reverse Single Crochet
                         finish - slip stitch  in 3rd or 2nd ch of beginning 3ch or 2ch
                                Start  with 42 chain
                  ( If you like make base chain with double strand of thread it will give strength to the base.To do so fold the thread about 1.25 m and start from folded end.)
Rnd 1 – sc in 3rd ch from hook, sc in each st up to last ch , 4sc in next st, sc in each ch on other side of the base ch up to beg ch, 2sc in next ch, finish.

Crochet taking along the left over folded end
Rnd 2 – 2ch(counts as a sc),2sc in next st, sc in each st up to last 4sc st,2sc in each next 4sts, sc in each st up to 2sc st, 2sc in each next 2sts, sc in next st, finish.
Rnd 3 to Rnd 8 – sc  in each st, 2sc in each middle 4sts of both rounded ends ( each row 8sts increase).

Base of bag
Rnd 9 – 3ch, dc in each st , finish.(131dc)

Rnd 10 – 3ch , *fpdc in next dc , dc in next st* repeat * * through out, finish.
Rnd 11 – 3ch, *dc in next st , fpdc in next dc* repeat * * through out, finish. 

Net texture of the bag

                 Repeat  Rnd 10 and Rnd 11 , 8 more times .
Rnd 19 – 2ch, * skip next st, sc  in next st(it should be a fpdc st) * repeat * * 24 times, sc in each 17 sts, repeat * * 24 times, sc in remaining sts, finish.
Rnd 20 and Rnd 21 – sc in each st across. finish.
Rnd 22- sc in 53 sts, 10 ch (for button hole, make according to your button), skip 9sts , sc in remaining sts, finish.

Rnd 23 and Rnd 24 – sc in each st across, finish. 
Rnd 25 – Finish the bag with reverse sc in each st.

                   Make 2 loops  on both corner just below the neck for chain handle.
                Rnd 1 -10ch , insert the ch in one corner , sl st in beg ch to make a ring.
                Rnd 2 - 2ch , sc in each st , sl st in beg 2ch.

Loop for chain strap
                             Bag is finished. Weave the ends. Stitch the button in inner side of the neck of the bag. If you like line it and add a zipper. You can add a crocheted strap to the bag instead of chain strap.
                                      Carry your own handmade beautiful purse with pride.

   Variation -   If  you like can crochet handles for the bag.

    For Handles -
                 Rnd 25- 2ch, sc in next 3sts, 20ch, skip 18sts, sc in next 26sts, 20ch, skip 18sts, sc in      remaining sts, finish.

                 Rnd 26 and 27- sc in each sts across .

                 Rnd 28- Finish the bag with reverse sc in each sts.

               Hope you enjoyed this. I appreciate if you share your project out of this pattern in my Facebook page.

               For any query or information about the pattern contact me with e-mail.
               My e-mail address - rose.crochet68@gmail.com

                                                 CROCHET AND STAY HAPPY