Monday, 8 June 2015

Best out of Waste

As we always have these waste plastic,tin food containers in our kitchen. I thought why not give them a crochet touch and turn them in to something that we can reuse. Use them as planter, as a basket for yarn or on dressing table for many uses. Also a great stash-buster . I used my leftover yarns to make these .

         I am sharing steps how I did these..not a pattern in particular. For this I used 3ply knitting cotton thread, 3.5mm crochet hook .

US terminology used.
 Base- For base crocheted a round piece  according to the size.

 Body- Start doing body portion in back loops of
     the base round. It is done with dc rounds only.
      In between star-stitch pattern added.

Star stitch Pattern-
      with three colors

Rnd 1 - (col A) sc in back loops.

Rnd 2-(col B) sc in back loops.

Rnd 3-(col A) sc in back loops.

Rnd 4,5 -(col C) star stitch.

Rnd 6,7,8 - same as 1,2,3

For more fun use your own pattern and color combination idea....

Finishing- Go no doing dc rounds up to the length to cover 3/4th of inside of the container . This will help to keep the cover in position.Slip
the container in to crocheted cover. Push the extra portion inside of the container. Container all dressed up is ready to be used.


                 It was so much fun making these..also some satisfaction for making something reusable out of waste. Hope you enjoy this. See more of my creation in my

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